Whitewater Rafting Through Horseshoe Canyon, Bow River, Alberta

CANMORE, ALBERTA–If you’re an adventurous type–whether you’ve experienced Canmore-Kananaskis whitewater rafting before or not–rafting through the Horseshoe Canyon on the Bow River might just be the Canadian Rockies vacation experience you’re looking for.

The Bow River winds around the Albertan foothills in the Canadian Rockies, and extends onto the prairies. It earned its name from the reeds that grew along its banks; the First Nations peoples used them to create bows. Coming from the Bow Glacier and running south of Lake Louise, through Banff and Canmore, the Bow River has been an important source of drinking water and hydroelectric power.

The pièce de résistance of the Horseshoe Canyon Bow River rafting experience is the cliff jumping. You didn’t read that wrong! Stay within your comfort zone with the 10ft jump, or push yourself and try the 30 ft jump.

Rafting near Canmore-Kananaskis has its fair share of thrills, even besides the cliff-jumping. Its unique geology has caught Hollywood’s eye and has become a favorite place for movies to be shot. Let our experienced guides show you the history and features of the area–make the Horseshoe Canyon part of your Canmore-Kananaskis rafting vacation!

Tour Information

Intermediate to Advanced (Class I-IV) Duration: 2 Hours (Morning & Afternoon trips)
Adult Rate: $82+GST
Activities: Rafting, Surfing, Cliff Jumping
Youth/Group Rate: $72 per person
Check in Times: 9:45am & 1:15pm
Check in Location: Seebe


  • Minimum age for this tour: 12 years
  • Minumum weight: 90lbs
  • Participants should have some swimming ability and be comfortable in the water.
  • Tour activities may vary depending on water level.

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