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Things To Do After Rafting the Kicking Horse River – Canada

ALBERTA and BC – Canada – Whitewater rafting the Kicking Horse River is one of the top things to do in Banff, Canada. But it is far from being the only draw. Join us to explore Banff National Park — one of the most scenic areas in Canada. Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding — these are just some of the great family-friendly activities to try after riding the rapids.

So, get ready to keep your adrenaline pumping with one of these activities designed to make your next vacation to the Canadian Rockies memorable.

ATV Tours in Banff, Alberta

Visit some of the most spectacular wildlife viewing areas in Banff, Alberta via ATV with Banff Travel. Join tours year-round as we explore the oldest mountains in the Canadian Rockies, cross the Kicking Horse River and experience the breathtaking Wapta Falls on the comfort of 4×4 ATV.

Zipline Adventures in the Canadian Rockies

You don’t have to be a bird to soar between cliffs, through forests or over roaring rivers. Experience speeds of up to 70 km per hour with Banff Travel’s Zipline Tour. All guests are outfitted with comfortable harnesses and are guided by experienced, saftey-trained zipline guides.

Heli-Snowshoeing Tour in the Canadian Rockies

Explore Mt. Robson — the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies — before taking an exhilarating helicopter ride to an alpine cabin at Berg Lake. Once there, get ready to tour through one of the most beautiful valleys in the Rockies. Jasper Vacations’ Heli-Snowshoeing Tour shows you the best of the Canadian Rockies, in the air and on the ground.

Hiking in Banff, Alberta

Beginner or seasoned explorer, Banff Travel has a hiking adventure to fit you. Join our certified guides for a single or multi-day hike through Banff National Park to see the spectacular beauty of the Canadian Rockies, or explore some of our diverse hiking trails in Banff, Canmore, Jasper or Lake Louise.


Hungry for more adventure? Check out additional tours offered by Banff Travel.

Wildlife at the Kicking Horse River – Alberta, Canada

ALBERTA – Canada – Whether you are on a gentle scenic float or taking on the challenge of higher class rapids, there are numerous opportunities to view native wildlife along the banks of the Kicking Horse River. Black bears, elk, bighorn mountain sheep and mountain goat are some of the animals that populate this region of Alberta, Canada.

Best Places to Spot Wildlife in Alberta, Canada

Found along the banks of the Kicking Horse River, Banff’s robust elk population can also be spotted elsewhere. The best places to spy elk are Vermilion Lakes Drive, the Buffalo Paddock, the Banff Springs golf course and the Bow Valley Parkway. Elk even frequent the town of Banff itself, intent on eating the greenery found in local yards to escape predators found elsewhere in the park.

Moose are on the decline, due to a number of factors, including deadly liver fluke, the return of wolves after a long absence, and an unnaturally high number of railway and highway mortalities. However, you still have a good chance of spotting a moose along the banks of the Kicking Horse River.

Bighorn sheep are abundant throughout the area, and are most commonly seen along the Bow Valley Parkway at Backswamp, on the Mount Norquay and Lake Minnewanka roads, and at the top of the gondola ride on Sulphur Mountain.

Banff has a healthy population of mountain goats, but has very few good places to view them from roads or short trails. Watch for them high on the cliffs above the Kicking Horse River.

“Keep your eyes open and look up at the river banks and the cliff edges,” said John Arbol, expert white water rafting guide at the Kicking Horse River. “It’s always a treat to see one of Canada’s spectacular specimens of wildlife in their natural habitat.”

Take a Wildlife Tour in Banff, Alberta

Team up with an experienced guide for the best in wildlife viewing with Banff Travel. Let us safely lead you through the wilderness in search of bears, moose, elk, wolves and even loons, eagles and osprey.  Get a front row seat to wildlife in the Canadian Rockies with Banff Travel. Planning your visit during the cooler months? Check out our Winter Wildlife Tour.

Corporate Team Building on the Kicking Horse River – Alberta, Canada

BANFF, ALBERTA – Canada – Whitewater Rafting the Kicking Horse River isn’t just for families on vacation — it’s also the perfect place to plan your next corporate trip.

Working together to navigate the rapids of the Kicking Horse River, along with an experienced guide, is a safe way to create a stronger, more effective team in the office. Follow our tips for planning your next successful business outing!

Tips for Corporate Whitewater Rafting Trips in Banff, Alberta

•Clearly identify and define your goals for the trip before leaving for the Canadian Rockies.
•Choose a central theme you want to focus on during your team building outing.
•Arrange for transportation to the rafting site for your staff. Employers can create a higher level of team building by arranging for employees to travel together by van or bus.
•Customize your outing to fit your needs. We can even provided motivational instruction that ties in with your team building message.
•Be sure your staff can handle the adventure. There are weight concerns, as well as other health-related issues. It is also required that all guests know how to swim.
•Plan a wrap-up party. Organizing a cookout or other final activity for your employees to bond during can help team building. As your team gathers, encourage each member to share a story about the day’s adventure.
•Relax on the ride home. Allow your staff this time for quiet contemplation of the day’s events. After going head-to-head with the rapids, they should be tired but also ready to face the every-day tasks of life back in the office.

What if Whitewater Rafting isn’t a Good Fit for My Group?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of other group activities in the Canadian Rockies to suit guests of all abilities. Check out Banff Travel and Jasper Vacations for zipline, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and other team building activities.

Kicking Horse Rafting Tours

ALBERTA and BC – Canada – Each year, May through September, tourists flock to the Canadian Rockies to whitewater raft the Kicking Horse River — a beautiful, glacier-fed body of water colored a stunning turquoise.

“Nothing beats getting cooled off by the water while rafting here,” said John Arbol, an experienced Kicking Horse River whitewater rafting guide.

Named in 1858, the Kicking Horse River connects through the Rockies to the valley of the Bow River. The Trans-Canada Highway traverses the river at several points as it goes west from Yoho National Park to Golden, British Columbia.

Blending incredible scenery with rich history, the Kicking Horse is an ideal place to experience the excitement of whitewater rafting. Nature lovers should also know that the river is abundant with wildlife which frequents its banks. The morning section of the Kicking Horse begins in Yoho National Park and offers prime wildlife viewing.

Rapids here range in difficulty, suiting rafters of all levels. Beginners, or families looking for a calmer ride, can start out on Class II rapids, while more seasoned rafters can take on the Class IV waters.

“If you are looking to take your family on a whitewater adventure, a scenic float on the Kicking Horse is a perfect option. There is a lot to see and do, while giving your kids their first taste of adventure,” said Arbol. “Later in the Upper Canyon for those that continue on, there are a lot of Class III and IV, so be prepared for a thrilling ride.” Simply put, if your are looking for family friendly Kicking Horse Rafting trips, check out these Banff Family Rafting tours.

Whitewater Rafting the Lower Canyon – Kicking Horse River

Enjoy the unbelievable scenery of the Kicking Horse River’s Lower Canyon. Rafters float through high-walled canyons while navigating an exciting set of rapids.

“After the adrenaline rush of whitewater rafting is over here, there is a relaxing float along calm water through town,” said Arbol.

Kicking Horse Whitewater Rafting Tours

Kicking Horse River Challenge

Ideal for first-time rafters, this no-experience required whitewater rafting trip on the Kicking Horse river will begin on the Upper Reaches of the river in Yoho National Park. You’ll learn to work as a team as you master the paddles and the waves. After a riverside BBQ lunch, don’t settle in just yet: you’ve got 22km of whitewater to raft! Take on the challenge on your Canmore-Kananaskis vacation.

From: $149
Check in time: 9am
Departure time: 9:30am (full day)

Ultimate Whitewater

On this Canadian Rockies whitewater rafting adventure, you will experience one of the most thrilling sections of the river. Continuous Class III & Class IV+ rapids will have you soaked in no time! You’ll raft down the Middle and Lower Canyon, and you can even try a supervised swim of a Class III rapid at the end of the trip if you’d like. All experience levels are accepted for this ride.

From: $119
Check in time: 11:15am
Departure time: 11:45am (end around 4:30pm)

Other Information:

  • No lunch included, just a snack

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