Corporate Team Building on the Kicking Horse River – Alberta, Canada

BANFF, ALBERTA – Canada – Whitewater Rafting the Kicking Horse River isn’t just for families on vacation — it’s also the perfect place to plan your next corporate trip.

Working together to navigate the rapids of the Kicking Horse River, along with an experienced guide, is a safe way to create a stronger, more effective team in the office. Follow our tips for planning your next successful business outing!

Tips for Corporate Whitewater Rafting Trips in Banff, Alberta

•Clearly identify and define your goals for the trip before leaving for the Canadian Rockies.
•Choose a central theme you want to focus on during your team building outing.
•Arrange for transportation to the rafting site for your staff. Employers can create a higher level of team building by arranging for employees to travel together by van or bus.
•Customize your outing to fit your needs. We can even provided motivational instruction that ties in with your team building message.
•Be sure your staff can handle the adventure. There are weight concerns, as well as other health-related issues. It is also required that all guests know how to swim.
•Plan a wrap-up party. Organizing a cookout or other final activity for your employees to bond during can help team building. As your team gathers, encourage each member to share a story about the day’s adventure.
•Relax on the ride home. Allow your staff this time for quiet contemplation of the day’s events. After going head-to-head with the rapids, they should be tired but also ready to face the every-day tasks of life back in the office.

What if Whitewater Rafting isn’t a Good Fit for My Group?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of other group activities in the Canadian Rockies to suit guests of all abilities. Check out Banff Travel and Jasper Vacations for zipline, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and other team building activities.